1. On your iOS Device, navigate to
  2. Download & Install TestFlight
  3. Accept the Zombie War Z Invite
  4. Install & Play in the Zombie War Z Closed Beta!



  1. Join the G+ Community at
  2. Please join the Community with the Google Account used on your PlayStore
  3. On your Android Device, navigate to and tap on "Become a Tester"
  4. Tap on "Download it on Google Play"
  5. Install & Play in the Zombie War Z Closed Beta!

PC Emulator


  1. Download the latest version of Zombie War Z here:
  2. Install the APK on any of our Supported Emulators (MEmu / LDPlayer / BlueStacks)
  3. Play in the Zombie War Z Closed Beta!

Beta Quests

Daily CBT Gifts!

Login to the Closed Beta everyday in order to receive Daily Gift Packs that will help you complete the below Quests!

Complete the below Quests to earn up to US$200 in Real Rewards that will be deposited onto your Account when the game launches on 16 Oct 2018!

Story Quests (US$50)

  1. Clear Story 1-20:
    Get 250k Gold
    (US$10 Value)

  2. Clear Story 2-20:
    Get 1x Stamina (L)
    (US$10 Value)

  3. Clear Story 3-20:
    10+1 Gear Summon
    (US$30 Value)

Heroic Quests (US$50)

  1. Fight 30 Hero War:
    Get 250k Gold
    (US$10 Value)

  2. Fight 15 Daily Dungeon:
    Get 1x Stamina (L)
    (US$10 Value)

  3. Reach Infinite Lv30:
    10+1 Gear Summon
    (US$30 Value)

Team Quests (US$50)

  1. Fight 10 World Raid:
    Get 250k Gold
    (US$10 Value)

  2. Fight 30 Plunder:
    Get 1x Stamina (L)
    (US$10 Value)

  3. Stay in Lv5 Guild:
    10+1 Unit Summon
    (US$30 Value)

Bug Hunt Quests! (US$50)

That's not all!

Report bugs to In-Game Customer Support to earn more Rewards!

  1. Report 1 Bug: Get 250k Gold (US$10)
  2. Report 5 Bugs: Get 1x Stamina (L) (US$10)
  3. Report 10 Bugs: 10+1 Unit Summon (US$30)


Closed Beta is an early version of Zombie War Z that is made available to players who pre-registered for the game. This early version is feature complete and should be mostly bug-free, but some areas will still need to be polished. Closed Beta is a time for players to send us feedback, and we can incorporate those suggestions into the game before we go into Live Release!
Yes, your account progress will be fully reset after Closed Beta. Your account names and binding will not be retained.
Please follow the instructions at the top of this page to play in the Closed Beta on GooglePlay, iOS and PC Emulator. Zombie War Z is playable on most Smart Mobile Phones, Tablets and PC Emulators.
Great question! During Closed Beta, most of the game settings and assets are implemented, but there are still some minor bugs, polishing and balancing changes that we have to make to ensure that everyone is having fun! To reward you for helping us make Zombie War Z a better game, we have a huge list of Quests & Rewards for players who participate in the Closed Beta!
Closed Beta is scheduled to end on 15 Oct 2018. After which, the Game will be commercially launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines on 16 Oct 2018. A worldwide release is planned for early 2019.
We will be depositing daily Closed Beta Resupply Packages onto all Closed Beta Tester accounts. Remember to collect your Rewards everyday! Real money purchases are disabled during the Closed Beta. Please contact if you require assistance!